Looking For CCTV Installations Company In South Africa?

Make your home or business space securer and smarter all the time through world-class CCTV installations solutions in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Do you want to maximize your security at your home or business premises at affordable CCTV installation prices? Work with one of the best leading CCTV companies in Johannesburg, Gauteng that provides high-quality CCTV solutions. Furthermore, you are offered electronic security solutions that concentrate on all aspects of your premise. This includes using the best quality CCTV products on the market with the latest features. 

The best way to secure your home or business is to choose reliable CCTV installers in Sandton for satisfying results. Therefore, you need to install the right surveillance systems that have smart detection and live cameras to capture every movement.

How will hiring a professional CCTV installation company in Pretoria help your business? Most CCTV installation companies in South Africa specialize in providing high-quality products. However, here you get exceptional service and competitive pricing. Basically, we install high-quality security cameras and surveillance systems manufactured by big brands such as; Provision-ISR, Hikvision cameras, Dahua cameras, etc.

What Your Business Benefit From CCTV Installation Solutions?

Enjoy the benefits of installing high-quality CCTV cameras at your premise while you focus on other business or life commitments.

Live Cameras

Live Cameras

The camera monitors every activity on your premises and provides live video feedback. This could be wirelessly or via a network.


24/7 Security

Understanding that security is a 24-hour requirement, your cameras will provide safer and secure security.

Smart Detection

If there’s any power outrage, your cameras will still be running because the devices are monitored with battery backup.

You Can Now Buy High-Quality CCTV Products Online

Find all the best CCTV cameras and accessories in our online shop for both indoor and outdoor use. As a leading CCTV supplier in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, we have wired and wireless cameras that are designed with new features. These cameras are designed to pick up the heat signatures of individuals. In addition, they are able to pick up vehicles even at large distances, all at affordable CCTV prices

Quality is what we sell, thus, you will only find high-quality CCTV products in our shops. We understand that quality is expensive, however, our CCTV cameras and surveillance systems prices accommodate every business type. As a result, you find our CCTV installation company anywhere in South Africa. Whether you are in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Nelspruit, and other provinces, you will get the best service we offer everyone. Even further, we make things easier for you by offering CCTV cabling services as well as network cabling

CCTV Products

You Can Find Our Highly-Skilled CCTV Installers Anywhere In South Africa

Our CCTV installers in Pretoria, Gauteng, specialize in CCTV services like CCTV installations, CCTV maintenance, and CCTV cabling. This involves installing and maintaining top brands such as Hikvision, Provision-ISR, and Dahua CCTV camera systems. Therefore, our CCTV experts will ensure that the security solution we offer your business prevents acts of vandalism, break-ins, and other serious crimes.

Location does not matter, we operate and offer our CCTV installation services across South Africa. You can contact us to get more information about our services and CCTV installation prices.